Community Programs

Family Support Network

The center helps willing consumers to link with each other and provide mutual support on their own time, outside of the Epilepsy Center’s scheduled activities. It is particularly helpful in the case of a family with a newly diagnosed child with epilepsy.

Family Camp

Family Camp is a weekend of fun filled camping experience. Families impacted by epilepsy enjoy camping activities, epilepsy education and social events designed to increase understanding of epilepsy, improve social skills and develop self esteem in a warm and accepting environment.

Kids on the Block (KOB)

KOB is an epilepsy educational puppet show available for 3rd and 4th grade students. During the show, children learn what is epilepsy, what to do when someone has epilepsy and how to be a friend when the seizure is over. The KOB method of puppetry creates an atmosphere where children feel comfortable to interact with the puppets and to ask questions about the topic.

Living With Epilepsy seminars (LWE)

LWE is a series of quarterly seminars designed to provide clients in the community with relevant information that will enhance their lives. The presenters are specialists in their field who create an atmosphere conducive to communication with the audience. LWE takes place in the Epilepsy Center’s Conference Room.

The Resource Center (RC)

The Resource Center is located in the library at our corporate offices on Holland Road. The RC includes a library of books, magazines, videos, and other media related to epilepsy. The public is welcome, but we ask that you call ahead to be sure library space is available at a convenient time for you.

Educational Clicks

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The Mission of the Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio is to improve the lives of people affected by epilepsy and those with developmental disabilities.

People with epilepsy and those with developmental disabilities will attain the highest quality of life and gain full acceptance and understanding from the community.

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