Other Services

Advocacy & Case Management Services

The Epilepsy Center works to support the rights of individuals impacted by epilepsy in areas such as:

  • Finding affordable housing

  • Finding and keeping employment

  • Educational, Medical and Legal issues

We assess the needs of our clients; assist in planning and implementation of plans; coordinate services on their behalf and become their voice when necessary.

Prescription and Benefits Assistance

We link our clients to Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) offered by Pharmaceutical Pharmacies and assist them as necessary to apply for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Emergency Medication Assistance

Limited loans can be provided for the purchasing of anticonvulsant medication in an emergency situation only. The payment is forwarded directly to the pharmacy.

Representative Payee Services

The Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio offers Payee Services. This service enables an individual to have his or her financial obligations managed when they can no longer do so for themselves or when they have no other person to take on this necessity. An individualís income benefits are carefully monitored so that debts are paid in a timely manner.*

The current financial benefit received by the individual must be transferred to the Epilepsy Center to become their Representative Payee. This is usually their Social Security or Veteranís benefits. After processing the appropriate paperwork, that agency will name the Epilepsy Center as payee and the financial benefit will come directly to us. We provide the service to make this payee transition, if needed. A checking account is opened in the clientís name and all financial obligations can be redirected to our Center via regular mail or fax for payment. Each client can have a monthly financial recap available for review, if so desired.

To ensure that each clientís needs are adequately processed, the Epilepsy Center has adopted the following policy for how obligations are prioritized:

  1. Basic needs are paid first; These will include, but are not limited to, food, shelter, utilities and clothing
  2. Medical and dental needs not covered by the clientís health insurance; subsequent utilities such as cable or internet
  3. Personal needs such a recreation/entertainment, magazine subscriptions and other non-life-sustaining items

*Please note, the Epilepsy Center Payee Services will not pay any financial obligations unless cleared funds are available in the clientís account. The client must be responsible for any delay or late charges because liquid funds were not available.

Representative Payee Application

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The Mission of the Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio is to improve the lives of people affected by epilepsy and those with developmental disabilities.

People with epilepsy and those with developmental disabilities will attain the highest quality of life and gain full acceptance and understanding from the community.

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