Why Support Us

Why Support Us and What We Do With Your Donation

The Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio serves as a resource for information, education, awareness and advocacy about epilepsy and seizure disorders. We also serve the community to provide services for adults with developmental disabilities (DD). While Medicaid funds the programs for those with DD, there is no funding by any national organizations, grants or public assistance for our epilepsy services. We exist only upon donations and fundraising efforts. By supporting us with your donations, we are able to provide programs to the community free of charge. We have a fully stocked resource library open to the public; we offer our Kids On The Block puppet show to 3rd and 4th graders to learn about epilepsy; Living With Epilepsy seminars; resources for people with epilepsy and families of children with epilepsy; prescription assistance; Family Camp, a weekend retreat for children and adults with epilepsy, and their families, to be around folks just like them.