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Please remember that no device listed here can actually detect a seizure, it can only detect ‘seizure like’ motions and notify a caregiver. Only your physician or technician in a hospital setting can detect and/or diagnose a seizure.

Embrace2 by Empatica This is the only FDA cleared product available. It does require a signed prescription. The site explains how to go about purchasing the device. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android for notification to caregivers. Other functions are also available.

Smart-Monitor Watch by Inspyre; Smart Monitor provides monitoring and tracking solutions for people with chronic health conditions. Instantly alerts caregivers and loved ones by sending texts and phone calls to designated contacts. User can also quickly summon help with a press of a button. GPS enabled; watch detects repetitive shaking motion similar to those caused by seizures. Sleep monitoring and activity tracking coming soon. This product is supported by both Apple and Android.

OverWatch ($29.99+/mo) iOS only; Starts 4/1/2020
Must have an Apple Watch for this app

Informational Pamphets and Forms:
Recognizing Types of Seizures
My Seizure Plan side 1
My Seizure Plan side 2
Seizure Recognition and First Aid Brochure
Kids and Seizures

My Seizure Diary (Epilepsy Foundation) FREE
Web app has 100% responsive design – can be fully accessed on android or iOS devices

Seizure First Aide App (Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota) FREE
iOS in App Store and Android in Google Play

SeizAlarm (SeizAlarm, LLC) FREE
iOS only; alerts emergency contacts when help is needed by text message, phone call and email. Motion is detected by sensors in the iPhone

Epi-Watch (Johns Hopkins) NOT as seizure monitor FREE
Apple Watch only; app is used to share data with Johns Hopkins researchers; it integrates with Health App to record data about your heart rate and movements during a seizure

EpiDiary (Irody, Inc.) FREE
Android. Records seizures and medications; medication reminders including a photo of med itself; charting capabilities.


Seizure Response/Assist Dogs

Dogs who instinctively respond to someone who is in distress or alert and warn of an oncoming
situation are very rare. It is almost impossible to teach a dog to be reactive especially to something as subtle as a seizure can be. This is one reason why dogs who are certified by accredited agencies are so expensive. It takes years to train a dog, the costs can range from $10,000 to $30,000 and it requires at least 2 years of training outside of the intended home. Even then, most trainers will not guarantee that a dog will ‘alert’ and will only go so far as to say they will ‘respond’ or ‘assist’. You may find that an existing companion animal in your home starts to exhibit actions of concern or awareness that something isn’t right with the individual. Those behaviors can be praised and cultivated

We urge that caution is taken when entering into any kind of agreement with an entity that is not
accredited. A true seizure response or alert dog is born with the qualities needed and sought out by people who are highly trained to look for very specific characteristics. Availability and pricing is the determination of the organization. To find possible financial assistance to obtain a trained dog, please refer to the bottom of this list.

Below you will find a list obtained through the Assistance Dogs International website, ( These providers may or may not have a dog available as the waiting list is very long and can be up to 10 years. Even though these entities may not be in the State of Ohio, their accreditation allows them to legally place a dog in any state.

America’s VetDogs—Veteran K-9 Corps., Inc.
371 East Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown NY 11787

Ability Center Assistance Dogs
5605 Monroe Street, Sylvania, OH 43560
(419) 885-5733

Canine Companions For Independence
4989 State Route 37 East, Delaware, Ohio 43015

Canine Partners for Life
PO Box 170, Cochranville PA 19330-0170

Pathways To Hope
PO Box 23148
Santa Ana CA 92711-3148

Paws4People Foundation
1121C-324 Military Cutoff Rd.
Wilmington NC 28405

Assistance Dogs of the West
PO Box 31027
Santa Fe NM 87594

Paws With A Cause
4646 South Division
Wayland MI 49348

Service Dogs for America/
Great Plains Assistance Dogs Foundation
920 Short St.
PO Box 513
Jud ND 58454

4 Paws for Ability
253 Dayton Ave.
Xenia OH 45385

Potential financial assistance to obtain a trained dog: